High Horses and Horses for Courses

Jamie Oliver’s piece in the Guardian this morning got me very vexed.

As I pottered about my kitchen, fed the cats, made coffee, cleaned up a bit and thought about back to school snacks I could cook and freeze for my kids (more on that later), I composed a reply to him.

I sat down to blog and found that Jack Monroe had crafted a wonderful response to his piece, She covered most of the points I was going to raise myself. Still, I thought I’d pen a quick piece to include the other things I was going to say. Then I read this, by North South Food and it covered lots of other points I was going to make.

People are doing their best – up and down this country and in the UK and the US and countries all over the globe – to make meals on very little money. Money that is stretching less and less as the months go by. In India, for example, onions and tomatoes have doubled in price  in the past year alone. My grocery bill has increased by more than 20% in the past 18 months. Friend and fellow-blogger, Caitriona over at Wholesome Ireland produced a graphic example of her own experience of the rise in food prices.

So, I’m not going to say anything more to Jamie Oliver about his piece in today’s paper.  I’ll just pass him a roll of kitchen paper (we use it instead of tissues in my house) for the nose-bleed he’s sure to get being situated on such a high horse. Once he’s stopped wrinkling said nose, at the smelly poor people, of course. Then I’ll get back to my kitchen where I’ll continue to make cheap, delicious, nutritious food for my family and friends (because staying in is the new going out – especially when you can’t afford the latter).


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