A Week In Dinners

The lovely Sinéad over at Bumbles of Rice invited me to blog our week of dinners and share them via a linky. 


I’ll admit I’ve never done this before, so I hope I’m doing it properly….


Monday of this week was a bank-holiday and we had what passes for a ‘ready meal’ in this house – a meal that was in the freezer and ready to eat once it had been defrosted! We had broccoli and chickpeas in that versatile sweet and sour sauce I blogged about a few months ago. 


On Tuesday, we were in late and I figured it would be as quick to cook a few dishes from scratch as it would be to defrost something else (we don’t have a microwave). So I did courgettes and mozzarella in garlic-lemon oil, potato wedges, mushrooms gently fried in butter with balsamic vinegar and our good old stand-by of Greek Salad.


By Wednesday, I was ready for some lentils, so I cooked up a big pot of comfort food and we had it with rice and braised leeks. I attempted to make chapatis, but couldn’t get the dough right because I was trying to make a wheat-free version by mixing various flours I had in the house. The result was not pretty – hence the boiled rice!


Thursday saw us re-heating the remainder of the red lentils. The girls scoffed them with crusty bread and I just had them carb-less. I sautéed  some asparagus, which we’d spotted in our local Tesco for less than a euro per 125g (they were short-dated), so we bought four packets. 🙂


Friday saw us using up the remainder of the asparagus in a frittata. It was yum! Eaten with wedges (baby roosters are such good value at the moment, there’s no reason not to).


On Saturday, Ishthara had friends over, and both my girls requested pasta with a puttanesca sauce. Easy peasy! For pudding, we had berries in syrup with freshly whipped cream (they are growing girls, after all!).

Berries in Syrup

The berries before they were cooked.

(Some of these recipes are already on this blog, but the ones that aren’t I’ll write up in the coming days.)

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