The Post With No Recipes (But a Word of Warning)

Just a quick note today to point you in the direction of my friend, Laura’s, website Earlier this week, Laura interviewed me for her blog. You can see what we spoke about here (hint: there’s a clue in the title!).


I will be back over the weekend with some more recipes (we put together a lovely frittata the other day).  In the meantime, I’d like to bring your attention to these eggs:


Eggs August 2014


The egg on the left is from Lidl and the one on the right is from Aldi. They are exactly the same size and weight – but while Aldi market theirs as ‘medium’, Lidl sells theirs as ‘large’. Go figure.


At the same time, I’d like to bring your attention to this pizza:


Lidl Pizza


I bought this pizza in Lidl on July 16th. We rarely buy anything processed, so shop-bought pizza is a huge treat for my girls. The only reason I bought it was because I was going out that night and needed something I could give to the girls in a hurry.  I was disgusted and – to be honest – very upset when I opened the box and this is what I was met with. There wasn’t time to go back to the shop so we ended up raiding the fridge, throwing the ends of a round of cheese, a few spinach leaves and three mushrooms along with a jar of olives we hadn’t realised we had, on top and bunging it in the oven. I was mightily unimpressed at the fact that there was so little topping on this pizza. I certainly won’t be buying another.




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